Wednesday, January 31, 2007

my not so little man

I am always calling Ethan my little man. Well, after visiting the doctor today, I don't think that quite fits!!! He had to go in and get a shot, one called a tb skin test and then the flu shot. They weighed him-57#'s! Then measured how tall, they didn't even tell me the exact height just that he was off the chart! The doctor said his weight matches his height, ie. he is not overweight. 91% percentile for height. And the kid didn't even say "ow" when he got the shots. Just took it like a man. Like my little man. Who is growing up way too fast.
BTW-on Sunday, Ethan was the spotlight child in Primary. He was asked, what is your favorite thing about your family? His answer: "my Mom." No coaxing at all, I swear. So today when he got to pick a toy at the doctor he picked a flower ring for me because "it has a real diamond on it."
love this kid!!

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