Friday, January 12, 2007


Every parent gets to experience firsts. First steps. First words. First days of school. However, the words " to the parent/guardian of Harmony Turner" is something new. Now, I have recieved letters like this before, but I usually know what they are about. Excpecting a letter. But when you go to the mail box, and pull out a letter addressed, " to the parent or guardian of Harmony Turner" from Norfolk Public Schools. Well....I'm fearful. I know that Harmony is a good girl. But what if she did something at school? Is the letter because of the .10 that I keep forgetting to pay the lunch lady? Did she run in the halls? Did she get in a fight? And it makes me scared to open the envelope. Why? Because I am responsible for whatever is inside. Good or bad. To the parent or guaridan. OK that's me. I open the letter...."Congratulations! Your child has been recommended by her school to participate in the Saturday Enrichment Program." From the Office of the Gifted Education Services." Phew...sigh of relief. I call Harmony in, and show her the letter.I ask her if she is interested in taking some more gifted classes on Saturdays. She reads the letter and says,"yeah I can totally handle that." That is my girl. Scholarships here we come!

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