Thursday, January 11, 2007

poor Ben

Yesterday was not a great day for Ben. He had to go PT at 6. Meaning he had to go run with his old command. Guess what the temp was? A nice balmy 28!!! He said it wasn't that bad after you got going. I prefer a nice warm gym and a treadmill thank you very much. But once he was done, he went back to his truck and realized, that he locked his keys in the truck. So just call me, and have me bring the extra right? Wrong, cell phone was in there too. Plus he would have had to wait about an hour and a half. Finally, he climbed into the cab, and did the unthinkable. Yep, he kicked the window. He actually ended up breaking 2 of them. So now his truck has glass everywhere. And he has had some chilly drives with the heat cranked. Poor guy. Poor truck. That was a birthday gift when we lived in CA. We realized that there was no way that we could be a one car family. So, while his parents were visiting, we went and looked for trucks. He told me, " I think I know a dealership where maybe I can find one." Turned out, he had been looking online and already found the truck he wanted. Sneaky. Anyway, this weekend he is going to have a fun time getting all the glass cleaned up. :)

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