Monday, January 08, 2007

impromptu parent/teacher conference

I was a little late dropping Connor off at school today.It doesn't happen to often, so I am not worried. We had run to the store and when we got out, it was pouring down rain. I told him to hurry and get in, but he thought it would be a better idea to stand in the rain and wait for me to do it. The kid was drenched. When we got in the car, we had the perfect amount of time to get to school. But he was drenched. He told me he didn't want the other kids to see him like that because" they will think I had an accident." So I hurried home. Got him home and were only 10 min. late. Because of that though, I got to sit and talk to his teacher for a little bit. She told me how sweet he is, and that he just doesn't give her any trouble at all. Just a good boy.

Then when I came to pick him up, the director walked him out for me, so that I could stay with Ivan who had fallen asleep in the van. She started telling me how much she enjoys Connor and how sweet, nice and smart he is. She was telling me about something he had made, a car, ( but she couldn't remember what he made it out of) but she was saying how intricate and detailed it was. That it really took some engineering work.

It was just one of those days where your kids make you sooo proud. Nice.

BTW- Uhm...yeah I lost 5 lbs. this week. In one week! Stoked. Headed to the Y tomorrow after taking a couple of days off. Exciting stuff!

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Susan said...

Wow! How are you losing so much in just a week? What's your secret?? Congratulations!