Thursday, January 18, 2007

"I told you so"

Those words will inevitably be coming from my husbands mouth when he gets home. If he doesn't read this first and then call me to say it. I have started really working out hard, the week before Christmas. We are talking miles logged on the treadmill. And not miles in like a week, but in a day. 6 so far this week ( and that was only 2 days!). However, last Saturday I ran for 25 min and got off, and my left leg hurt. Not sore like "oh I actually moved my body and now I can barely walk" but a dull pain. Took a shower, still felt it. Sunday was ok. Monday still ok. Tues. I went and ran around 3 miles and wow did my leg hurt. I told Ben about it. He has been telling me, basically since Sat, that I need to take it easy or I will get seriously injured and not be able to walk. Fast forward until today. Did my 5 min. walking warm up and even that hurt. Started to run and ow...ow...ow turn the machine off. Stretch a little. Start again. Run 10 min.and I am dying. Walk for 15 and feel better. Run for 5. Ow. Walk for 10. Run for 5 more. Done. I am not doing anymore. Can barely walk by the time I get off. Try hard not to cry as pain shoots up my leg. Get in the car. Drive to preschool. I am a little early, so I sit. Get out and ow. It is hurting to walk. So much pain. My plan for the day is to sit at the computer until my lunch is done. Get my lunch and go sit some more. Sit as much as I can. Go pick up Harm and Ethan. Put Ivan down for a nap. Take tylenol and lay on my bed and not move. This sucks...

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