Thursday, May 18, 2006

Stay at Home Mom

Wow, today I actually feel like a stay at home Mom! Believe it or not...I have only been in the car once today! I have had this weak cold for a couple of days but when it comes time to go has really worn me out. Yesterday when I was on the treadmill...I just couldn't run. I felt so tired. So I just walked. Today however I decided to just take the day off. At about 7:15 this morning my doorbell rang. I opened it and it was my neighbor and friend Angie. I always refer to her as my neighbor but she is also a good friend. Anyway...she asked if I could watch her kids this morning because she had to take her cat to the vet. I told her sure. Since I wasn't sure if she would be back in time for me to get Ethan, I asked my friend Deborah if she would mind picking Ethan up for me. This story really does have a point, I promise! Anyway, Deborah said it was fine so I hurried and made a quick trip to Wal Mart (aka the doughnut store which Connor chose over Target) and came home. Angie left for the vet and what have I been doing? Cleaning, handing out snacks, putting Ivan down for a normal nap, not one in the car, and doing all those other Mommy things. It just feels so nice to not be rushing around like most days. I love my life but it is really busy. I guess sometimes it is just nice to sloooooow down. I think I spend to much time at the Y and I am sure my friends would agree. Anyway, I am off to enjoy a diet coke and fold laundry. Fun, fun!

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