Friday, May 19, 2006

Confessions of a BAD mom

This is insight into the "wonderful" mother that I am...
* my kids had pancakes for dinner last night
* I hit the snooze button 6 times before I got up...knowing full well that the 3 older kids were awake
* letting them watch doogle so that I could take a shower
*Harmony made Ethan's breakfast
* I told them they could finish watching Doogle if they cleared their places...and then I did it for them
*my kids did not have one piece of fruit in their lunches today...unless you coun't fruit roll ups...
* I blamed us being late on the guy who was ahead of us going 30 in a 45 but really it was because I was checking my email
* I did not defend Harmony to her teacher when she didn't turn in her homework
* I told Harmony she will not be going to her sleep over tonight until her homework is done
* The thought of getting rid of my kids for the night excites me more than I should probably admit ( Father & son camp out for the boys...a friend is taking them)
* I put Ivan in a tank top not knowing that it was pretty chilly outside
* driving on empty and realizing that I forgot my debit card ( but as luck would have it...the gas station closer to my house is only 2.69 when last week I paid 2.94..score!!)
*sitting at the computer when I need to fold a load of laundry
*getting Ethan's thank you cards out 2 weeks late

and the day has only started it is only 10:05! To Be Continued...

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Cindy said...

Yeah, you're a bad mom.....whatever! We are not even going to list the "bad mom" things at our house!