Thursday, May 04, 2006

Batman birthday

The day is coming closer. Unfortunatley it is supposed to rain on Sat. afternoon. We are having the party no matter what though. 13 kids are coming so far and I know Ethan's heart would be broken if he didn't have his party. Today my neighbor asked him what he would like for his birthday. Now I wasn't there otherwise...he told her" you have to bring me only Batman stuff. Just Batman and nothing else." Later he told me what he said to her and I said, "Ethan that is so rude." He just looked at me and said, " well it's too late now."

Some of my best conversations with Connor are in the car. I think it is because we are in there so often! He kept asking me question after question, just like usual. I finally said, " Connor stop you are driving me nuts." He said, " yeah I know." Did that stop him? No of course not!

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