Monday, April 30, 2007


I almost didn't go to Time Out For Women. When I first heard when it was going to be, I thought I shouldn't because of how close it was to us leaving. But I have some very convincing friends, and Ben was sure that he could get the day off. He also added that..." you can't get mad about anything I pack while you are gone." His one stipulation! :) We had so much fun. I can't even begin to describe. And not only was it fun, and a nice break, but inspirational. Someone described it as " filling your bucket up". It just felt like a rejuvenation. We headed out on Friday morning. We decided for lunch that we would ABSOLUTELY NOT STOP AT MCDONALDS! No play places or happy meals. Nothing of the sort! So we stopped at Cracker Barrel. Very yum. Made it to Raleigh(not sure of the sp). Checked in and headed to a scrapbook store where I bought absolutely nothing! Amazing. Basically I wanted to save my $$ for Deseret Book! LOL! Which by the way, if anyone is thinking of getting me a gift, a gift card would be great! There is so much that I would have loved to buy and didn't! Anyway, we made it to the convention center, after getting our picture taken with R2D2. We listened to the first speaker, Chieko Okazaki. Hillarious! And then when my friend and I went to do a little shopping, at Deseret book she was there. So we met her and got our picture taken with her. We explained that we were both military wives and it was mentioned that I was moving to Guam. She said she had been there and it was very hot. But she sat and talked to us for a while. Fun. Then a musical presentation that was AWESOME. Went to dinner and then to the hotel and played games.

Sat. was fun. Listened to speakers, bought more books and cd's, all had lunch together. Pictures taken and just good times. We left at around 4( it was about 3.5 hours away) and we had stopped for some dinner and had been on the road only a few minutes when my friend got a flat tire. But she had just had a flat tire the week before. And the spare wasn't fixed yet! Luckily, the other van that we were caravaning with was behind us. So some stayed with her and her car until a tow truck came, and I and another lady hopped in the other van. The tow truck was an experience of it's own!

Anyway, I had such an awesome time. I am so glad I went. The next two weeks are going to be BUSY!. Getting everything done. It is just hard to believe it is going soooo fast!!( BTW: not pregnant, just fat!)

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Susan said...

Looks like you had a great time! That's cool that you got to meet Chieko Okazaki (whatever the spelling) - I love hearing her speak!