Monday, April 30, 2007

5 senses Saturday

**continental breakfast that wasn't that great
**a yummy turkey sandwich at a deli
** oreo blizzard
** subway ( yes two subs in one day!)
** a brownie
** excellent speakers
** friends
** books & cd's at Deseret Book
** Emily Watts!!
**my family
** conversations in the car
** " Is that a flat tire?"
** motivational messages
** " I missed you Mommy!"
** Hillary Weeks singing
** my luggage
**my camera
** my family for great big hugs
** the quilt that my Mom sent me
** the books that I bought
** subway
**pasta as it got dumped out in the back of Deborah's car
** some nasty dead animal on the side of the road
** my favorite lotion
** the smell of my own sheets instead of a hotels

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