Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Saturday School

Last Saturday was Harmony' last day of Saturday school. Although she had a ton of fun, I know she was glad to be done. Giving up your Saturdays is hard, ecspecially when your parents have very strict rules for Sundays! I brought my camera with me and I was so happy that I did because, as you walk down the halls of her school, well her name is everywhere. So I got some pictures of all the different places that I found her name. Plus her project that is displayed. I can't get over how smart she is. I know I am partial but... Last night, I was feeling overwhelmed with the huge mess that is now our home, and I said " are you guys sure you want to move to Guam? We could just put everything back up and stay here." Harmony said, " no we really want to go.I would like to go and experience living in a new culture." I don't think I would have said something like that when I was 7!

Explanation of pictures: top: her Jackie Robinson project, Harmony and her teacher for Saturday school, next one: working hard, next: the only 2 kids to get all A honor roll, her picture for getting 30 points ( although she has a lot more now), top readers in the 2nd grade, and her class, Ms Rushing, getting 2nd place

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