Monday, April 09, 2007

busy weekend

Yikes. We have had such a busy weekend! It started out with a trip, for the big kids, to Kangaroo Jacks, with some friends of ours. They loved it. They ran around like crazy and had a total blast. We got there around lunch time and the smell of pizza was getting to them! So after about an hour and a half we headed to McDonalds. After lunch, the kids were so tired! The older ones laid around and watched a movie while Ivan crashed hard. Connor and I went grocery shopping and then we had a pretty relaxing evening. Ben and I laid around and watched Sound of Music. Ok, Ben fell asleep but I enjoyed watching it! It always brings back memories!

Saturday we woke up to snow! I could not believe it! Crazy weather. We woke up kind of late and then headed over to the church for the annual Easter Egg hunt and pancake breakfast. Because of the snow, they had to do it inside. Ivan's favorite part of any church function, is playing on the stage. So he wasn't too thrilled to be pulled off and handed a basket. But once he got the first peak at what was inside...he was off! He loved it. After that we couldn't get him to let go of it!

Ben took the kids to see "Meet the Robinsons". Daddy spoils them rotten! :) He actually did it so that the EB could come. The kids came home and opened the baskets. We actually celebrate the "bunny" aspect of Easter on Sunday, so that we can focus on Jesus on Sunday. So far it has worked out well that way.

Today we headed to the clinic to get all the immunizations. Ethan is the man and didn't cry once. He had to get 3. Harmony was a huge drama queen and bawled. When it was still Ethan's turn, she started getting nervous and I had to take her out for a drink when she decided that she wanted Daddy instead. So he brought her in, and was surprised that I couldn't hear how loud she screamed. Connor, poor little guy, has no fat on him whatsoever, so he has a rough time. And the poor dude had to get 6!!!! When it was Ivan's turn, the lady told me that it was a little scary how well Ethan had done! Ivan did great, and is now taking a nap. Daddy bought the kids Burger King and that was that. They are done.
OK sorry for such a long post. I am now headed to mine and Ben's room. Going to pack, clean, wash walls & windows and all that fun stuff. 40 days and counting!

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