Friday, April 13, 2007

Is it over yet?

Spring break that is. All of this togetherness this week, has led me to one conclusion...I will never be a homeschooling Mom. Seriously.We started out the week really well, and they have progressively become more whiney, fighting more, not listening etc. And instead of just one at a time, it is all 4 at once. I have been trying to get major work done in the house, so I know that they are getting a bit of cabin fever. However, their attitudes are driving me nuts. Ready to give them to the next person who comes to the door!

Instead, we are going to wait until Ben comes home, and all go miniature golfing. Get some fresh air and some family time having fun. The kids are excited.

The other day Harmony got some huge "ouchies". When we moved here from California, the movers took the screw out of my scrapbook desk chair...and never gave it back to us. So we have been just using it backless. So imagine how much fun the kids have spinning around in it. The other night I was reading to the boys on my bed, and Harmony was spinning. She kept saying, " I am getting really dizzy!" To which I replied, " stop spinning then". She kept going though and the next thing we know...she fell off and hit my dresser. She has cuts and scrapes all over her legs and arms AND a huge red mark that goes around the whole front of her neck! Like we strangled her or something! I told her we can't take her out of the house like that or someone might call Protective Services or something.

I would post a picture but my camera battery is dead and I can't find the other one. I will find it before we take the kids golfing though! So I will keep you posted!

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