Sunday, April 15, 2007

Jungle Village

Like I mentioned before, after some serious cabin fever, we headed out to go miniature golfing. Unfortunatley, Ivan had been up at 3 am the night before and then slept until 10:30. So when it came to his nap time at 12, he wasn't ready. Basically, he didn't take a nap. So he was a little tired! We figured he would probably just grab a club and follow after the other kids. Not quite. He tried to climb in waterfalls, take the balls out of the hole, stand in the way of the person who was shooting etc...But it was fun. The older kids loved it! They struggled at first but once they got the hang of it, they loved it. We went around once, but before we got through, Ivan was crying and throwing a fit. So I took him while Ben finished with the rest of the kids. The older ones wanted to go around one more time, so Ivan and I headed back for the van.He watched Scooby Doo and I read a book. Worked for me! On their last round...Ethan made a hole in one! Nice. We are anxiously awaiting the time when it becomes easier to take Ivan places. We are so used to the big kids, and how easy it is to do things with them. All in time I guess. Then we headed to BJ's and got pizza for dinner. I bought Harmony the movie "Indian in the Cupboard". She has been reading that at school. So she and I laid on my bed and watched that. Ben watched sports center in the living room, and the boys were watching Star Wars on yet another tv. We had a nice, relaxed evening. Now it is back to school tomorrow! Thank heaven! 33 days and counting....

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