Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Norfolk Botanical Gardens

Ah...another field trip. Harmony had one on Monday that I was unable to make it too. And believe me, I heard about it all morning!! However, this one was for Connor. Tomorrow is his last day!! So many of the Mom's were telling me how they sad they were that Connor was leaving, and also quite a few offers for playdates. I said to be careful what you offer because I might just take you up on it!! Today was really warm and so I had to break out the sunscreen! We walked around and it is a beautiful place. I will say though that kids lose interest pretty quickly. All Connor really wanted to do was ride the tram! After awhile he got really hot and really didn't feel well. The class stayed and ate lunch but Connor was really hot and sweaty ( not to mention Ivan had a dirty diaper!) so we left. It was kind of a good thing to because once we got home, he was really sick.I think he is feeling better now but he just got a little bit of heat stroke or something. He better get used to it because that is what the weather is going to be like for him for 2 years! Anyway, he told me that the best part of the trip was the tram ride. My friend is going to use her family pass to get us in and we are going to go and play in the water park. So that will be fun. Anyway, I have to get to work so....

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