Monday, April 23, 2007


In the midst of all my negativity, I have neglected to post a few things! Last week, we were able to go out to dinner with our sponsor. When you are pcs'ing (ie moving to a new duty station) you get what is called a sponsor. Someone who you can get info about your new area. Well we were very excited to find out that our sponsor is a Mormon. He is married with 5 kids. And last week, he just happened to be in town. So we all headed out to Ruby Tuesdays. At first I told Ben to just go by himself, as dining with 4 kids can be about as fun as a root canal, but our sponsor insisted, saying he has 5 kids so he understands what it is like. I still have some questions and so I am going to email his wife,but here is some of the information we got:

**mail can take as little as a week, and as long as a month to get to you. During the busy times ( like Christmas) we are looking at more like a month

**( if you are not Mormon, feel free to skip this one) there are 3 branches that meet on the island, and they have around 40-60 active members. Which is like our primary!

**some things are really hard to find there. Because most likely, if you are looking for something, so is someone else. The NEX ( Navy exchange store) can be completely sold out of things which kind of forces you to go to K-Mart which is more expensive

**we need to figure out a place to stay when we get there and he gave us a great idea. We are going to be staying at a nice resort hotel with a water park.I am excited because there is a kids club for kids over 4, and they are entertained from 9:30-4!! Perfect timing for naps and everything else. It will be a lot easier to take Ivan swimming by myself than all 4 of them. Plus it will be easier for Ivan to take a nap during the day!

**we got a postcard today saying that our approx. wait for Navy housing is 12 months. So it looks like we will be renting somewhere off base.

** there is a Sunday paper, however there is not a coupon section. So I am counting on everybody "state side". We can use coupons that are expired up to 6 months so that will be awesome

** ordering online sounds like a necessity. However, from what he said certain sites will ship no problem, some will ship to Guam but you pay shipping out the wazoo, and others just absolutely won't. That is one of the questions I will be asking his wife

** also, we got an email and it is looking like our express shipment will be there about 10 days after we arrive.

Whew! Bored yet? It is getting so close to time to go. It is going by sooo fast. 25 days until we leave! :)

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