Monday, April 23, 2007

Five Senses Saturday

It is very late,but Saturday was nuts!!!! So lets get started...

**old friends
**Ben coming to bed at 3am (!!!) after playing video games
**dirty boys after playing with friends
**a messy house

** new clothes from Old Navy
**Harmony's long hair
**boring mail
**the phone to check on playdates
** Ben's hand as we walked to the van

** tortellini
**diet coke
**cheese sticks

** Italian foods
** sweaty kids after playing outside
** chocolate
** Ben :) ( don't worry it was a good smell!)
**bbq ( not ours but in the neighborhood)

** "this wetting down was hosted by.... Lt. Turner"
** " It is soo good to see you again!"
** " Your kids are always so well behaved"
** " please Mom, can I please stay the night at Sophi's"
** " But 9:30 isn't going to bed too late!"

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