Thursday, April 05, 2007


Yes...thank goodness it is Thursday. Because we have officially started our spring break. And not a moment too soon. We have 43 days left and life just keeps getting busier. This morning was crazy. It went a little something like this...

"crap, it is almost 7:30! Hurry and come downstairs for breakfast!"

"Where are your shoes?"
"Did you get your backpack?"
"Where is Harmony's science fair paper?"
" If you don't leave each other alone..."
"I have 15 minutes to get my hair done, brush my teeth, change Ivan's diaper, get his clothes changed, and gather everything up. So you need to find a way to entertain yourselves that doesn't include hitting!"
" It is 8:07, so no dawdling!"
"Dang it, it is already 8:17 and you boys (Connor & Ivan) have to be at Miss Becca's by 8:30!"
"Phew, here they are. Not sure if I have...where is Ivan's cup?!"
" I will be back to get them as soon as I can."

Why didn't I prepare more last night? Oy! So, tomorrow we were going to get up and be at the clinic by 7:30 that we could get our shots. But instead...we are going to put it off until Monday. I need a break. I am sleeping in tomorrow. Bliss!

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