Thursday, April 19, 2007


How can a morning, that started out with such promise, turn into blech by the afternoon? The day started out well. We were dressed and ready to go 10 whole minutes before we had to be in the car. Dropped kids off. My friend watched Ivan so that we could go and do our FINAL overseas screening stuff. So nice to not have to entertain him while doing that. Then we did just a little shopping and Ben bought me something very cool for Mothers Day. I am going to make him put it up even though it will just be taken down in a month. And just to leave everyone on edge...I am not going to tell you what it is until I get a picture! Hee Hee! We got to go out to lunch, and just had a nice time together.

Then... I got Harmony's report card. Straight A's. Except pe where she got an F. Yes an F in ELEMENTARY SCHOOL PE. Harmony insists that she has been participating. Her teacher says she hasn't. I don't know what to do. Then I get home and get the mail. I hate my bank. I use Navy Federal Credit Union and the only reason I do is because " we serve where you serve." That is their slogan. Well I got sooo tired of them that I decided to open up a checking account, with Chase whom I also have a credit card with. I did that a couple of days ago and then today recieved a letter saying that my account was being closed and that it might go on my credit report. What? I opened it 2 days ago. What possible damage could I have done. So I called customer service and the guy was an IDIOT. Why was it closed? Because they couldn't verify my social security number. You have got to be kidding me. May I remind you that...I ALREADY HAVE AN ACCOUNT WITH YOU! So many little annoyances. I try to bring the milk in and as soon as I am not looking, Ivan takes off into the street. Go and grab him and get kicked ( by accident) while putting him down for a nap. Find Harmony's homework on the floor. Grrr! Not a good afternoon...and then...

" Mommy, I made a card for Ms. Skees will you give it to her tomorrow?"
" Yes Ethan I will." And this is what it says....

" I miss you mis skees veree nuch. From Ethan.tak good cer uv connor."

Started crying. So sweet. Need to get up and do something. I need a better day. Maybe doing something will lift my mood.I hate feeling this way! :(

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