Sunday, April 22, 2007


2 negative posts in a row. A new record. Yippie. Last week, it was kind of "officially announced", ok more than just our close friends, found out that we were leaving very soon. So last week I had so many people come up to me giving me hugs and telling me how much I would be missed. Made me feel good. Today however, felt completely opposite. If you are not Mormon, this might get a little confusing so I apologize...I currently teach a class in the primary. The kids are all 4 &5 year olds. Well, when you move you have to be "released" from whatever you are doing and someone else takes over that spot. Well I have been waiting and waiting to be released and it hasn't happened yet. We are down to 3 weeks left and it has yet to happen. So someone came up to me and asked if I was going to be released that day. I said not that I knew. A little bit later they came up to me again and said, " well do you know when they are? Have they said anything about when?" Once again, I said no I don't know. Finally later, they told me, that they had called the Primary president ( that is the person who is "in charge" of it) earlier that week to remind them that I needed to be released. Just to remind the Pres. How thoughtful right? I am like ok I didn't realize how bad you wanted me to leave. All afternoon they were letting me know how anxious they were for me to be released. Not oh it's too bad that you are leaving or I am excited for you that you are moving just I can't wait until you are released. Made me just feel lower than dirt. I guess it is time to move on. I don't want to be a baby it's just that it hurt. :(

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