Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I think I am being punished for going to TOFW. I truly do. Just 3 short days ago, I was eating wherever I wanted, not changing diapers, no making meals, enjoying my friends...Just 3 short days ago. I came home all hopped up on feel good speakers, beautiful songs, and my testimony strengthened. Then I took a nose dive back into the reality that is my life...landing in a pile of used tissues, Benadryl Allergy for Kids, tylenol and oj. I am SICK. From what I don't know. My kids are sick. I hardly slept at all last night and so am extremely tired today. The day that I finally need to get my house back so that it can be packed up. The day that I need to put laundry away so that I am not constantly searching for uniforms and socks. The day I need to clean out my car. The day I need to get Harmony going on her science project. ( Not to mention her father who has promised to help).The day that I need to call Crown Point and find out exactly what kind of white paint they want us to use. Aaaaaaaaaaaagh! Life, isn't it just that way some times. I am hoping after a nice long hot shower, more tylenol, a diet dr. pepper and maybe a little chocolate, I will feel better. Or is that what I get for abandoning my dear family?

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