Sunday, May 06, 2007

because of you

**because you were my first boy
**because you try to scare Harmony with fake bugs
**because you take the recycling out for me
**because you had to be the man of the house, at a very young age
**because you always put your lunch bag on the counter
**because you are good for your teachers
**because you let Ivan call you Daddy, and you smile
**because you loved that picture taken with your Dad
**because you hate kisses and cuddling but always want to snuggle
**because you follow rules
**because you are a good friend to Connor
**because you save snacks for me if you get one at school (even if it is 1 goldfish)
**because you are an artist
**because you are creative
**because you are always willing to share
**because you love Boomerang
**because you are a morning person
**because you are your Mommy's son
**because you are gorgeous
**because the spirtiual meaning for your name is "steadfast in truth"
** because I love you and many more reasons. Happy 6th Birthday, my not so little man! So glad you are here!

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