Tuesday, May 29, 2007

sprinklers & crafts & cousins

11 days ago. 11 days ago we started on our journey. And leading up to that our life was pretty stressful. With all the packing and moving, and regular life. And now here we are. We have been home for almost a week. The long drive is starting to become a distant memory.
So what have we been doing this whole time? Well, I can tell you a few things that I haven't been doing....cooking, cleaning, carpooling, laundry, waking up early etc. etc.
The kids have been absolutely spoiled rotten. So spoiled. Grandma Harmon has been making Ethan pancakes every morning. Not one big batch and making him eat leftovers. New ones every morning. They have been eating out, went to a birthday party, playing legos, playing in the sprinkler, doing crafts, eating an insane amount of popsicles, playing with cousins, and just having a great time.

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1zeezrom said...

Wow. What are your kids going to do at my house??!!