Wednesday, May 09, 2007

something missing?

" I have a loose tooth," I said, " would you like to see it Mr. Scary? Huh? Would you?"

I opened my mouth and wiggled it for him.

"See it? See how loose it is? It is a loosey goosey isn't it?" I said.

He smiled. " Wow it really is loose Junie B." He said. " And it is a top tooth, too. Losing a top tooth is the best."

I looked puzzled.

" It is? How come it's the best Mr. Scary?" I asked. " Is a top tooth funner than a bottom tooth, do you mean? Because last year I lost a bottom tooth and I didn't actually get a kick out of it."

My teacher did a chuckle. " Ah....but when you lose a top tooth, your smile looks really cute, Junie B." he said "And when your new tooth comes in, you'll start looking like a big kid."

I did a gasp at that news!( Junie B. Jones Toothless Wonder)

Harmony walked out of school with a little grin and a wiggle in her step. She looked adorable, but I knew something was up. She got in the car and I asked her what was up...and she smiled! She lost her tooth after math. We had been wiggling it forever. She looks ADORABLE! I have to make sure the tooth fairy has a dollar for that one!


Susan said...

Congratulations, Harmony! Losing teeth is so exciting.

Eric Jensen said...

ah, come on - only a dollar!?!

marie said...

yes only a dollar! What is the going rate at your house?