Tuesday, November 20, 2007


From day one, Connor has been his Dad's boy.100%. Maybe it is because of the birthday factor. Maybe it is because Ben is 1000 x's better at Lego's then I am. Maybe it is because Ben is just cool...and so cute. But that is a subject for another day! Anyway, for whatever reason Ben has the #1 spot in Connor's heart. I think I am 2nd!

Well Connor had a Friendship Feast today, where they also were going to have a short program. One big problem, no siblings. Doesn't make it easy on those of us who still have children at home. All of my friends that live near me, also have kindergarteners. So there was no one to watch Ivan, plus the program was supposed to be VERY short. Ben was actually able to make it but Ivan threw us for a loop. I decided that I would just send Ben, and I would stay home with Ivan. As long as there was one parent there, he would be happy.

This morning, I let Connor know that Ben would be going by himself. He looked at me so sad, "and said no I want you to come."I was floored. He NEVER wants me. We talked to him about it a few times and I said, " you will have Daddy all to yourself." No I want Mommy. I was shocked...and secretly, so happy. ( not a secret anymore though...)

I love my little Connor but I know my place in his life. Right behind Ben. :) And I am totally ok with that. They have a close relationship and it is so special. Ben said his feelings weren't hurt because of all the time he spends with Connor.

I think the kids just see it as Mom= food, cuddling, going to school things, etc
Dad=fun, fun, and more fun.

I don't have my new camera yet so I went and bought a little disposable. I will put the pictures up after they get DEVELOPED. Oh it has been a long time since I had to do that. So old fashioned. Anyway, my blog is getting so boring without pictures so here is an old one of Connor!

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