Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Christmas countdown...

I think it is the weather. I honestly do. There is no possible way that Thanksgiving is in 2 days. Because the weather outside, is the same as it was in June. And July. And August. A touch more rain, but it hasn't changed. I am not the only one who feels this way either. I was discussing with a friend of mine, our lack of Christmas preparedness, and she agrees with my theory.

By this time of the year, I have usually bought a few gifts, putting the last finishing touches on cards, and planning stockings and other things. And as I realized all that I had done compared to all that I haven't...the list is quite long. And it kind of lit a fire under me. So within the past couple of days I have got off my behind and got a little bit of work done.

Cards:made, adressed, awaiting pictures and stamps. Then they will be put in the mail. yee-haw!

Gifts: sorely lacking!! However, 2 have been ordered, 3 have been wrapped, 2 will be sent from internet sites & are currently being worked on. As for the kids, the boys have a lot done. Mostly because, their father lives vicariously through them, and so has bought many items, that contain the letters l,e,g,o. Harmony has 1 item. Only 1. Adn she is the easiest to shop for!! Ivan has 3. And they were bought today.

Post office runs:only 1 so far. But I got a few boxes & customs forms.

Still a lot to do, but not as much as I did yesterday! I was told that I should have had it all done by Halloween. Yikes. Wish me luck on getting the rest done! :)

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