Thursday, November 29, 2007

no catchy title today....

Why is this time sooo darn busy?! I mean, we don't even hit the first of December until Saturday, and already I am filling in my calender with so many to-do's and appt.'s it makes my head spin.

This weekend is going to be a busy one and I am sooo hoping that my camera comes. My sister, who has turned into my own private post office, sent it to me as soon as she got it. I have tracked it and so far, I know it has left Honolulu. So yesterday, when I saw the mailman coming up to my house, I was so giddy. And with a big huge box. From Stampin' Up?! I think he could tell I wasn't happy at what package I was recieving.I had expected a package, just not that one. Now normally a box from Stampin' up would make me very happy, but this package wasn't for me. So alas, a very bad mail day.

Speaking of mail days, I can't wait to start getting Christmas cards. I love this time of year. When you get those little expected & unexpected cards and packages. I have so much more to do before I can head to the post office for a big drop off but I am happy to say that...I have a pkg. of wrapped Christmas gifts headed out on Saturday. Oh the excitement of getting something accomplished!

Tonight Harmony is going on a Girl Scout sleepover. She is so very excited because they are doing a book exchange. She took the book that she bought to her room last night, because she wants to finish reading it before I wrap it! So she is leaving me with the boys tonight and we are headed to Home Depot. Good times. I actually have a few things that I want to get there so it's all good.

Tomorrow I am looking forward to another 5k, grocery shopping and then we are all going to go to an awards ceremony for the Girl Scouts and listen to Harmony be the narrator in their skit. So much to do and so little time!

Her leader is going to give me a disk with pictures from some of their activities, including more from their trip on the Houston, so I will be putting those on.

Oh, one matter of phone number is changing. Just my home phone. I have no idea what it is yet, and of course wouldn't post it on here, but I will send it out in an email later on today when I get it. I am excited though because I will have unlimited calls to the states. So be prepared!


Susan said...

You haven't gotten the camera yet??!! The post office guy said it would be Tuesday at the latest. Argh. I'll email you the phone number on the slip I got from USPS - maybe you (or I) can call them and see what's up.

Avis La Fin said...

Hi Sugar,
I love these blogs. I know you're busy, but you're busy doing the most important job in the world--serving your family. Remember to breathe and to take time for yourself. Mom

Cindy..... said...

Hey you, could you email me your address again. I seem to have misplaced it :o