Friday, November 09, 2007

the seasons

"Mom is it really fall?" I hear this question all the time!! The kids are so confused about what season it actually is.

It is 90 degrees every day, the humidity is high, they wear shorts every single day, and crocs, they can go swimming every day, there are palm trees, Mom keeps making things like potato salad, key lime pies, and Dad is outside grilling...a lot.

It is kind of hard to get excited about the holidays when it doesn't even feel like fall. I keep thinking that I have plenty of time and then am shocked that Thanksgiving is not very far away!

Yesterday, the morning was really grey and so for a little while I could almost pretend that it was an actual fall long as I stayed in the a/c. I would love to wear jeans and a nice long sleeved shirt...but that is not happening! So in order to add a little more color, I bought a table cloth in nice fall colors, and am going to break out the Thanksgiving decorations today. I have very few of them but...


Susan said...

We have the same problem - it's still in the 90s here. That's a cute tablecloth, though - it should get you in the Thanksgiving mood!

Cindy said...

That would be hard! I wish I could send you some of our 30 degree weather! ;{

I like the tablecloth, too!