Sunday, November 18, 2007

Liar, Liar Pants on Fire

On Saturday night, Ethan came to me complaining of a sick tummy. It was near bed time so I put him to bed but told him if he still felt sick and couldn't sleep to come and tell me. Well a little while later, here he comes. I stayed up late with him and cuddled on my bed and read stories. He went off to bed and I didn't hear from him for the rest of the night.

Sunday morning, he said that he felt much better. So, we headed off to church. During primary he comes to tell me that he doesn't feel well and thinks he is going to throw up. I teach a class and so Ben said that he would take him home. When the rest of us come home, I find him on my bed, drinking sprite, watching Disney, with his Lego Knights all lined up. He took a nap later but was in a good mood,and was running around with Ivan. I am starting to think that maybe he is faking it.

So this morning, he comes down and heads straight to the couch, telling me that his tummy is still sick and he doesn't feel that he can go to school. I let him lay down and let him know that if he stays home, he will be laying on the couch, no video games, no playing outside,nothing, nada, zilch. Sick boys lay down and rest. He says fine. Well, once Connor hears that Ethan is staying home, he tells me he doesn't feel well. His exact words are, " I don't feel well. My heart has stopped beeping." However, he runs round all morning. I tell him ok, you are headed to school, but if you really are sick you can always call me and I can come and get you.

Well this morning was a busy one, and the phone rang about 10 times. The last call was Ms. Grey, calling to tell me that Connor had been feeling ill all morning and could I come and get him. So I think, ok maybe Connor isn't faking. We go to get him, and come home. As soon as he is home, he is asking for hot pockets and chips, to play playstation etc. I told him the exact same rules that I told Ethan. By this time I am frustrated with them because I think they are pretty much lying. I told them, that if they are really sick, then Mommy has no problem taking care of them. But if they are telling a fib, Mommy is very dissapointed that they would lie to me.

Well...after lunch, I sent them off for naps. Yep. A nap. I told them that sick boys need rest. They have totally crashed and have slept the whole afternoon. My boys, don't take naps anymore. It is VERY hard to get them to take a nap. So where does this leave me? I have no idea. I don't know if they are actually sick, or just really good fakers!!


Cindy said...

Don't you wish all kids were like Pinocchio and their noses grew every time they lied?!?

I know I sure do! Good luck!

Avis La Fin said...

This brings back sooo many memories. Fun! Fun!! You're such a good Mama. Relax and enjoy while you can solve their problems!! There'll come a time when you won't have all the answers. I love you and miss you. Mom