Friday, November 23, 2007

doin' the impossible...

It all started with the fact that 1) the boy's playstation is not running very and 2) the want for the video game Lego Star Wars the Complete Saga. This game, is all of the Star Wars movies put together. Which if you have lego Stars Wars 1 &2 doesn't that mean you have all of them?!Hmmm...anyway, the boys have been wanting this new game, but it doesn't work with their game system. So we decided, that it would be fun to get a Wii, for the kids for Christmas.

So Ben went to the Navy exchange and...there were none there. Ben was told that they were going to get a very limited supply in for Black Friday. 100 only.

So we started looking online. At any online store we could think of. We had seen it advertised for $250, and we were not willing to pay more than that. I started looking around and any that were that price were completely sold out. Oh, we found ones that were selling for 400+. Nope not going to happen. We basically decided to forget about it, and we would wait.

Well on Black Friday, I was awake before the exchange was opening for their sale. I decided, very last minute, that since I was up anyway, I would go down there. The lines were insane. Winding clear around the store.I waited about 20-30 minutes just to get in the line! As I was walking through the store, I kept seeing people with the Wii's in their carts. There was supposed to be a limit of 1 per customer, but I saw people with 2 and 3. Finally I managed to get in the electronics department, and they started opening new boxes of them. I happened to get in the right spot, and was promptly handed the coveted wii.

I was so happy. I couldn't wait to go tell Ben. The kids are going to be so excited when they open it. I think Ben wil have fun playing with it too! Oh what we won't do to make our kids happy!


Cire said...

way to go - I think the odds actually sound BETTER in Guam (100 for the island) than on the mainland - now you should see if you can resell it for more and buy the kids other stuff with the difference :)

if you do keep it make sure you have bought an extra wii remote and some nunchucks - oh, and the charging station for the wiimotes is a good idea too, and a component cable and an extra sensor bar (maybe even wireless), oh yeah, and games, too!

marie said...

We got the sports bundle, so we do have those ones. But Ben bought a game for Harmony and then we are going to get the saga game. But Ben went and got extra controllers and such. I did hear it was a good idea to get a charging station, so I will pass that on to him.

As I was walking to the register, some guy told me to duct tape it to my body!