Friday, November 09, 2007

Ivan the terrible

This week has been *huge shocker* another busy one!! Hardly ever home. And sometimes I think Ivan thinks to himself, " I am going to make my Mom pay for messing with my schedule". Honestly. The kid has been a serious monster lately!!

He has learned how to run the bathwater. Except he hasn't figured out that you have to push the little thing up to keep the water in the tub. So he just runs the water,and dumps a whole bottle of body wash in, so that" want bubbles Mommy". I have had to buy more body wash here than I have in the past year!!

He just has tons of fun in the bathroom apparently because, he keeps going in, turning on the faucet and then flushing the toilet.

Halloween candy is still in abundance around here. So I put it in the highest cabinet possible. Stops the older kids...not Ivan. He merely climbs on to the counter,and gets out whatever he wants. This morning, Ben and I were still in bed when he woke up. So he came and CLOSED our door, proceeded to go downstairs and get into it. It is now in the cupboard above the sink b/c he won't climb into the sink...I don't think anyway!

While I was upstairs, cleaning HIS room, he came down, climbed back onto the counter and got out a container of mini choc. chips and dumped them out on the carpet. I made him get the little vacum and clean it up. That was fun though and now he always wants to.."cum".

This kid is exaughsting!!!

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