Tuesday, November 13, 2007

bathroom re-do

I read a lot of blogs. And I have a whole little folder just for organizing/home blogs. I am a dork, I already know it!! But I was reading one and she was talking about your "guest" bathroom. She describes it as the bathroom closest to the living room area, or the one someone would use if they were at your home. Soooo...mine has been looking pretty sad. The kid's bathroom is cute. I found some cute bathroom decor at the K-Mart here ( that is saying a lot-BELIEVE ME!) and it was a great price. The one in the master is...well functional. Not cute. But since it is in the master bedroom, not many visitors use it. Plus I don't think Ben really cares about a "cute" bathroom.

Moving onto the downstairs...this bathroom has the ugliest green tile.Obviously there is nothing I can do about that. But while I was at the store, I went into their bathroom section and started looking and getting ideas. The one I really liked was called the "Annapolis collection". So cute...so stinkin' expensive. I believe it was Tommy Hillfiger. It was all red, white and blue. I am an All American what can I say? So I started thinking about what I have at home and how I could incorporate the same idea. So I bought a couple of hand towels and a rug, and a red air freshner and with a few little touches from around my house, I now have a cute bathroom. I am excited.

I didn't inherit a decorating gene. But recently I have been to a couple of friend's homes who are just CUTE. And I want my home to be cute. So one room done. I have a cute bathroom. So if you ever want to come and use my guest bathroom, you can!!

**And of course there are no actual pictures of it because of the camera incident, so if you want to see it...you are going to HAVE to come and use it! LOL

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