Monday, November 26, 2007

don't you hate it when...

don't you hate it when you go to the store, and amongst $20 V-smile games, there is a Toy Story game on clearance for $6 and you snatch it up so fast, a huge smile plastered on your face knowing you got a great deal...and then your husband tells you that your son has a v-smile BABY and that the game is for just v-smiles.

don't you hate it when you go to the library, in desperate need of something new to read. And the librarian tells you that yes they have the new Mary Higgins Clark book ( which by this point can't even be described as new)even though you haven't seen it there once in the 6 months you have lived here. So you try a different author, since you are in that section. You take the book home and think "that cover picture looks kind of familiar" and as you keep going you realize that yes, you have read this book before.

don't you hate it when your 2.5 year old refuses to take a nap? And then won't sleep all night and you squish into his toddler bed with him and coerce him to go back to sleep because frankly a quarter to 4 is not Ivan's wake up time. And then he is crabby all the next day but still won't take a nap!!

don't you hate it when your son keeps getting behavior grams home for talking? And then your husband says, "well he didn't get that from me". Knowing full well where he gets it from, seeing that one of your friends husbands practically hates you because you sat and talked to his wife at the commissary for an hour, while he had to grocery shop by himself.

don't you hate it, that my blog is boring without picture? But my sister has already got the camera in the mail to me. But now I just have to wait. not fun.

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Little Hensley Fam said...

yep, I do hate those things too! I completely understand! Sorry you had one of those days! Hope your tomorrow is better!