Sunday, November 04, 2007

Can it be?

That I have gone a whole week without blogging?Is that even possible?! This week has been completely crazy! I have been trying to keep up with it all and apparently dropped the ball on a few things. What can I say? I am not perfect!!

So like I said, it has been a busy week. What have we been up too? Here is the rundown...

Monday:back to school. Connor had snacks. I had planned to make Halloween cupcakes. But my neighbor said she didn't think that the snack could be homemade. So I dragged Ivan down to the commissary for 22 cupcakes, juiceboxes and a cookie for Ivan once he found out that he wasn't getting a cupcake. Hurried to the school, only to find the gate by the k's lot, locked. So I am hauling Ivan, 22 juice boxes, 22 waterbottles and 22 cupcakes up to Connor's class. I saw my neighbor ( the same one who told me about the cupcakes) whose son had to go to the er. So I babysat her other son after school. LOOONG day!

Tuesday: a fairly normal day.Until I got a most dreaded phone call. From someone, who I won't even mention their name. From that phone call on, I flinched every time the phone rang. I was answering emails and phone calls for the rest of the day. Dealing with a situation that did not need this much attention. Ended up throwing the kids in the van as soon as they got home, to go take care of this situation...again. Because Ben had to come with me to deal with this,he had to work later. We hit Wendy's for dinner. Did I mention that Wendy's is about a half an hour away? And Ethan got sick on the way home...

Wednesday: I think you can pretty much guess. Ethan came home from school with 4 goody bags. On Halloween. How much sugar does one kid need in one day? Why didn't the parents provide a toothbrush & tooth paste in those goody bags? The kids were so excited to go trick or treating. In our housing, trick or treating lasts from 6-9. By a quarter till, all the kids were hanging out on the lawn just waiting! We gave our candy bowl to a neighbor girl to hand out, and we all went together. Ivan just sat in the wagon, and people would just come up to him and say " oh aren't you cute, here is some candy" he didn't even have to say trick or treat. By the end of the night, I had the kids in the bath and told them that they would be going to school in the morning!

Thursday: Our spouse club, decorates the grave of a boy, whose family used to serve in our command. So Thursday was busy, running around getting the flowers, dropping Ivan off with Ben, wandering around the cemetary looking for the grave ( because go me, forgot the map). Never found it. Headed up to a stampin' up party,and had to leave early :( to go pick up Ivan. Figured out where the grave was, through the kids in the van, and went and dropped the flowers off. Phew,so glad I finally found it!

Friday: there was no school on friday. So I usedthat as a day to cook, clean and organize. It was so nice to have a day at home. I didn't let the kids stay up late ( I usually let them stay up a little later on Fridays) and stayed up reading Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Again.

Saturday: yard saling with Harmony, grocery shopping, cleaning, a teeny tiny nap, swimming, making enchiladas with Connor. Sending kids off to bed early.

And there we have it. Only now have I realized the importance of Sunday as being a day of rest!

I will try to do much better this week but let me tell you...this week is a doozy too!!

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Susan said...

Thanks for the update. I was wondering where you were. I figured you were just laying on the couch eating Bon Bons - boy was I wrong :) Glad you made it through your week. Good luck on this next one. This time of year just does me in - it's so incredibly busy and stressful!