Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Military Family

I just found a blog carnival that I decided to participate in. I found it over at An Army Wife's Life. I am not sure how this enclosure link works so...here is the address just in case: http://mollypitcher.blogspot.com

The topic is "Being Part of the Military Family makes me thankful for..."

Until Ben joined the Navy,I had never really known anyone who served in the military. When my brother joined the Coast Guard, I thought "why on earth would he want to do that?" My knowledge of the military...was honestly...embarrasing. I thought all Navy guys were on a ship. All Air Force flew planes. All Army guys were fighting wars.GI Joe style. Marines...I had no idea what they did!! When Ben asked me if I would support him if he joined, I said yes...and life has never been the same.

This life is not for everyone. Sometimes this life is not for me! It can be hard, but there are many rewards to be had. For the 5th year, I am away from my family at Thanksgiving. There will be no going to the church to borrow their oven. Or heading to Thriftway for the forgotten ingredient. There will be no chit chat with my Mom as we work together to put dinner together. We won't be heading to Ben's Grandma afterword. No notebook will be sent around asking what we would each like for Christmas.No black friday ads being perused with my sister in laws. Catching up. Talking, laughing and eating. Not with family anway.

But being here on Guam, I do have family. Those who are here to help when the kids get sick. Who call to make sure that you got the email from the school. To watch your kids while they are at the park. Who listen when you are frustrated with the hours that your husband is working. People who are willing to open their homes to others. So just because I am not with my family, I am part of a bigger family. A military family. I am a Navy wife. And I am thankful.

Thankful for:
**people who defend their country
**people who understand your life & world
** strong wives and mothers
** kids who struggle w/o their active duty parent but rise above
**the yellow magnets declaring " Support our Troops"
** flags waving
** families who sacrifice
** the flag
** life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness
** protection, mine and my children
** free health care
**friends that we have left behind
**new places, new stations
** uniforms
**a shoulder to cry on, from someone who has been there
**feelings of patriotism
**my soldier


Melonie said...

Fantastic post! I'm glad you participated so I could find your blog. :-)

The Farr's said...

This just about made me cry. You are amazing! I love you!!

Pam's Place said...

Marie, great post! You've caught the vision of being a military wife. It took me a little while to do that, but I did eventually. Now my husband is retired, and I miss much about our time in the service. I am grateful we had the opportunities we did. Grateful that my husband is one who chose to serve, albeit in more peaceful times. You and your husbands today put much more on the line. I'm grateful for you.