Thursday, August 02, 2007


Down another pound this week. Yeah! I was hoping for more but...frankly I didn't deserve it. I ate little bites here and there ( that I didn't count any points for!) and didn't track very well. I ate late at night, which isn't a big deal, unless you have a mass amount of points at the end of the day, and a lot of times I did. Drank all my water, but I didn't get all of my fruits and vegi's in.

Happy for the weight loss, but I am going to work much harder this week. We have been so bad about getting up at a decent time, which is going to have to come to a halt as school starts in 24 days!!!!! because of this, I have not been exercising, but sleeping in! So this week I am going to track ALL points eaten, and do some exercise. 3 days a week, 30 min. to start out with. I want to get another big loss. But if I don't....I am happy. I am making progress. Even if it takes me a lb a week for a year, I will be happy. That is the point after all right? To just be happy with the journey!


The Farr's said...

Congratulations! I love your determination!! Keep it up!!

Jenn said...

Just think of it this way, if you only loose one pound a week (and I'm sure that youll have weeks that you'll loose more)for a whole year that is actually 52 lbs.......and thats pretty good in my opinion. Keep up the hard work!

Little Hensley Fam said...

yeah Marie! Its fun reading about your progress... don't stress, just enjoy your journey of a healthy life. =)hmm.. that sounds like it could come from a fortune cookie or something! he he.