Monday, August 20, 2007

hating myself

First of all, no I am not changing the whole theme of my blog to a weight loss one. It is just something that is really a huge part of my life right now.

Today I woke up, and my scale said I was up by 2 lbs. I almost FREAKED as I have been doing what I am supposed too. It is " that time of the month" but still....So I just decided to ignore it. Weight fluctuates right?

I excercised this morning, for the first time in a while. And I stayed on point all day...until around 5. Harmony had birthday money burning a hole in her pocket. Plus Ben is going to be gone until around 7 and had no dinner. So after taking Harmony we stopped and got Dominos. And I chowed down.

So now I am mad at myself.I messed up. I feel lousy about it. Why did I let the scale determine what kind of day I would have? Why did I eat pizza, when I had planned to make myself a nice healthy fajita? Why did I get my "red light" food, when I hadn't eaten for awhile.? I know this is a process. I know I will have ups and downs. It is not over.

How do I get re-motivated? I don't want to gain, I want to keep up my losing streak. What should I do?!

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Susan said...

You should not worry about a slip up, and get on with life!