Tuesday, August 21, 2007

how about...

a non-weight related post?! Yeah, sounds good to me too.

When did my little girl get so big? It feels like I just closed my eyes for a second, and instead of a little bald headed baby, I have this tall beautiful girl, getting phone calls! She grew up before my eyes.

Harmony had a short meeting with our primary president about her upcoming baptism. I just can't believe that she is ready. I am not sure if I am! We were figuring out the program and I told her there was no way I was going to speak at her baptism, because I would cry through the whole thing! I get teary eyed jus thinking about it!

One of the cool things about Guam, is that the font is outside. So I can take pictures!! Half of me wants to be behind the camera catching everything, and the other half wants to just take it all in and be a part of the moment. Just trying to take it all in. They grow up so fast!

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