Wednesday, August 08, 2007

8th anniversary

Technically, for us, today is the 9th of Aug. Which means that it is my 8th anniversary. You might be thinking what, she just celebrated her anniversary last month. Which yes, is true. But this is a different anniversary. It has been 8 years since I was given the title of "Mom."

It was Dec.22. It was a cold morning. I had lots to do because we were celebrating my Dad's birthday that night. But that was the day when I said, " I'm late and I am going to take a pregnancy test." 2 lines. 2 pink lines = pregnant. I was excited.

I am not one of those people who love being pregnant. I hated morning sickness, and being uncomfortable. I hated having swollen feet and having a hard time staying up until after 9. If I could have skipped the whole pregnancy part I would have!!

I had a few scares. The doctors thought I might have gestational diabetes. My sister, had just had a baby 2.5 months early, and had been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Only to still have it after the baby was born. I had pregnancy induced high blood pressure. I had to be on bed rest and eat a low sodium diet. Which I hated.

I remember going in for an appt. and I was dialated to a 1. My doctor told me not to get my hopes up though because it could still take a couple of weeks. But I was still on bed rest and to take it easy. That was a Thursday. On Sat. I went shopping with my in-laws and walked all over Costco. By the time we got back, I was tired. And in pain. Sunday my Mom came. She wanted to wait until my dr. appt. the next day before she decided if she would go to Utah or not.

On Monday, Ben went to school and my Mom and I went to the doctor. The doctor was shocked when I was dialated to a 5. She said I needed to get to the hospital immediatley. I almost cried because I wanted Ben there. She gave me 1 hour. I drove around Eugene and finally found him. He was shocked but jumped in the car.

After 10 hours of sitting in the hospital ( only 2 of them actually spent in labor)Harmony was born. And I couldn't have been happier.

Being a first time Mom, I thought I could handle everything. I didn't need help. I was anxious to leave the hospital and take care of her. My sister in law, was getting married that Saturday and we went. I am ashamed to admit this, but the first night while we were there, everyone wanted to hold her. She was passed around and I barely got to hold her. I felt like a little kid who wanted their toy back. " No she's mine!" I wanted to prove I could take care of her. I wanted to change her diapers and feed her and burp her and rock her. I hated having to share MY baby. ( ok I was only 20 when I had her..I was just a kid!)
So as I look back on my 8 years, I can honestly say that I have grown and matured. And learned a lot. With Ivan, when someone offered to feed him, he was in their hands before the sentence was finished! Because of Harmony, one of my dreams came true. To be a Mom. I hope she has learned from me, as much as I have learned from her! Life just keeps getting better. I love being a Mom. And I ecspecially love being Harmony's Mom. Love you cutie!

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