Tuesday, August 21, 2007

the Ivanator

It seems lately that Ivan is changing. Becoming his own little person. His own likes and dislikes and just really showing his personality. Here are just some cute little quirks of my 2.5 year old...

** he LOVES gum. Except thanks to his big brother Ethan and the movie Night at the Museum he calls it gum, gum. The only thing that keeps him quiet at the store is a pack of gum, gum. Small price to pay I suppose!

** he loves the Wonder Pets. This is a show on Nick Jr. But he hates the Backyardigans and cries whenever it comes on. Then if you don't change it fast enough for him, he screams.

**he loves his lil' pipsqueaks markers that Grandma Kennedy sent him. He has actually stayed in church the whole time the past 2 Sundays because of them

**he is the best behaved kid in nursery
** he likes to wrestle with Ethan, play with Harmony's toys, and love on Connor

**when we are out in a public place, he prefers Ben but when we are at home, he usually wants me
** he now loves to play with legos.

** he has discovered "choo-choos" and loves to play with Thomas

** when he moved to his toddler bed he gave us so much trouble. One gate he would just hop over. 2 gates, one on top of the other, he would just scale them, so it led us to tying his doorknob around a gate. Well that worked but we have been able to leave the gate off the past couple of nights. So I have a 2 year old who I find on the couch at 5 am and 6 am!

What a kid!!

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