Sunday, August 12, 2007

f.f.f. (sunday edition)

Ok I weighed in on Friday, and was happy that I had a loss. I was nice and on track and everything was well and good. Saturday morning, I was hurrying around to get everything ready for Harmony's birthday and didn't eat any breakfast. Then at lunch, we were so busy helping kids make pizza's that I didn't eat any lunch. By the time that everyone had gone, I was looking at a half of a Hannah Montana cake. So I had a little smidege off of the corner. We had a hail and farewell that night, and so I indulged in the very yummy thai food.I came home and because frankly,I hadn't eaten very much that day, I was hungry. So I had a few licks of frosting and then...yeah another piece. I went to bed so that I didn't eat any more. I woke up and there was still cake. So I had a few more licks and then yes ANOTHER stinkin' piece of cake. And after I ate it, I threw the whole rest of the cake away. Just dumped it. I wrestled with the fact that I threw a $23 cake away. Ok technically half of it, so a $13 cake but still...I hate wasting money. You might think that after that whole cake fiasco that I would have stayed on points and tried to be good but I have really struggled today. really struggled. It feels like once the flood gates were open...I just couldn't get back on track.

No I am not giving up. I just need to get back in gear. I am going to start my day with a workout, drink tons of water, head to the store and get fresh produce and a little this and that so I have nice healthy things to eat. No more eating crap! I am back on track!

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Susan said...

We all slip up sometimes. Don't worry. You'll get back on track and be fine. I like the little weight loss tracker thing - very cool.