Saturday, August 11, 2007

Happy 8th Birthday!

Whew! We celebrated Harmony's birthday today ( again)! Out here, there is no Chuck E Cheese, no Friendly's etc. so you are basically stuck with a couple of choices. A) the beach or B) your house. So we just decided on a quick and simple birthday party at home. She wanted to have Hello Kitty...except for the cake! Once she saw the Hannah Montana cake she wanted that instead. We did make your own pizzas and watched Firehouse Dog. All the kids that she invited were able to come and she got all sorts of fun stuff. I think she really had a lot of fun. I wanted to get some 8 year old pictures of her and so she came outside and I got some cute ones.

I think she had a good time!!!


Susan said...

Happy Birthday, Harmony! You look so pretty and grown-up in your 8-year-old pictures. I love your hair back like that - it looks gorgeous :)

marie said...

well it is funny that you mention her hair...the girl that is with Harm in the top picture wants to be " a hairstylist for the disney channel stars" when she grows up. So she always does harmony's hair. It does look cute though!

Susan said...

It's really cute - I love it.