Thursday, August 09, 2007


Slow and steady wins the race right? RIGHT?! I hope so, because yet again I only logged a 1 lb. loss. That is all. But at least it was a loss. I know there were things that I could have done better. I know there were things that I did that were really good. Slow and steady. If I lost a lb. a week until Seabee Ball, I would have lost 40 something pounds. That would make dress shopping much more fun! :)

Seabee ball is very far off, and so I am just trying to keep my focus on the now.Making good choices. Sticking with the small goals. My first goal was to lose 5, and I did that. So now, I am going for 10. And then 15 and so on and so forth.

My Mom wanted to send me a care pkg. and include some " dieting goodies", which made me laugh because she called it "an oxymoron if she ever heard one" but there are little things that are low point and help me stay on plan...that unfortunatley can not be found out here. So I am going to post some ideas here, so she has them, but also if people are looking for a snack that ( even if you aren't on WW) is low in points here is my list....

** 94% fat free kettle corn ( the jolly time is my personal fav! Thanks Susan!)
**fruit punch crystal light ( although the Wal Mart brand is just as good)
** Miss Meringues ( choc. chip mint is my fav)
**WW brand berries and cream muffins
**WW brand carmel and choc. cakes ( haven't tried yet but want too)
**100 calorie pack Hostess cakes
**Soy Crisps
**No Pudge brownie mix
**100 cal packs Nutterbutters
**Campbells Soup at Hand ( they have some here they just don't restock very often)

That is all I can think of today. Anyway, here is to another on point week and least...another 1 lb. loss next week! :)

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Susan said...

Now I know what to get you for your birthday - LOL! Congrats on the loss. I was too tired to go to WW this morning...