Tuesday, August 14, 2007


**25 days

**thousands of pages

**7 books

**many, many comments like, " when you are all done, are you going to be our Mom again?" and " finally I will get my wife back","Mommy, I think you are obsessed!"

I am finally done.I have finished the Harry Potter series. Like I have said before, I was never really interested in these books, and once I started them, I honestly couldn't put them down. Yesterday afternoon, I finished the 6th. I knew that I couldn't resist just finishing. So I went out and bought the last one and finished it this evening. If you are like me,and resisted reading them, they are very good. You should give them a shot!


Little Hensley Fam said...

wow, I'm very impressed with your fast reading all 7 books! I'm glad you enjoyed them, now you know why we were all into them! welcome to the club! lol!

Susan said...

Welcome to the HP fan club! I can't believe you read all of them that fast. I thought about reading them all again before I read the final book, but I was too lazy. Anyway, glad you enjoyed them!

The Farr's said...

I am so glad you liked them!! I am not sure what I will do now that the series is over. Maybe I will go back and re-read them!