Wednesday, August 29, 2007

an update

Sleeping in. Eating turkey sandwiches for breakfast. Staying in pj's until 9:00. Playing legos. Playing video games. Connor is enjoying his week. No big brother and sister around to bother him. Although it has yet to work, he does enjoy telling Harmony and Ethan " I don't have to, it's not a school night for me!"

Tomorrow we wrap up the first week of school. Connor has a "peek in" tomorrow, where he gets to go and find his mailbox, his seat and all that fun stuff. His teacher came and visited with him on Tuesday. She was such a sweet lady and I know Connor is going to have a blast being in her class. Of course, she won his affection when she mentioned that she has LEGOS to play with during free time! Connor knows 3 kids in his class already, one being our neighbor. I can't wait until he starts.

Ethan came home on the first day, with a pb cup, that a girl had given him. Always the ladies man, that one! I asked him if he met the other Ethan in his class. He said, " yeah but guess what? He has bags." I asked him what kind of bags and he replied " bags under his eyes Mom." So funny, the things that kids notice. His teacher is really sweet and I think Ethan is almost up to her shoulders! He is loving the independence of walking to and from school everyday.I was a little concerned about it, but just about every single child in the complex walks. There are 140 units here and you have to have at least 2 kids to live here. That's a lot of kids! Ethan is also excited because he has a pizza party on Friday!

Harmony came home yesterday and said "guess what Mom?! Mr. Kranz said we get to blow something up tomorrow!" I have never seen her so excited over a science project! She is having a great time and says that "Mr Kranz is very nice and verrrry funny." She likes walking too. She told me she likes it better in the morning when it is a little cooler. She has not been having fun waking up early but what are you gonna do? She has pe today,and I know she is a little concerned. But one of the girls in her class told her that the pe teacher is really nice. I think anything would be an improvement from her last one!

Yesterday, I got Ivan signed up for a drop in day care program. You call the day before and pay
$3 an hour. It will be so nice to drop him off so that I can go grocery shopping and other errands. He is also signed up for a "bug safari" play group. I go with him and it is 2 hrs. on M,W, F. Plus we are going to sign up for Mommy and Me swim lessons. So even Ivan is going to be busy!
I am now officially the spouse club president for our wardroom. I am looking forward to it. I think it will be fun. We are trying to get a scrapbook club going with that. So it should be fun.

Ben is busy,busy,busy! Between work, pt ( physical training 4x's a week) his calling as the ward clerk (gone every Tuesday evening and goes to church early and comes home later) we hardly see him! Luckily we have him on Saturdays!!

I think that is about it! Because of some "double booking" of the baptismal font, Harmony isn't going to be baptized this week. She is going to be doing it the evening of the 7th. She had her interview on Sunday and is very excited. Life is never dull!

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