Sunday, August 26, 2007

back to school

Oh how I love Guam!! With it's beautiful beaches, swaying palm trees, amazing views...and it's power outtages!

I woke up at 5 this morning, so that I could exercise. I got up and noticed that a) Ivan't light was on and b) he was not in the room. So I went in to put my contacts in, before I went searching for my youngest child. I had one contact in, and one on my finger ( I think it is time to look into lasik) when the power went out.

Ben must have been somewhat awake, because when I told him what happened, he got out of bed. He is so sweet, and went and found a light so that I could put my contact in. Ben actually bought a set of tools that came with this light and he said, " I don't know what I will use this for" but it was a good deal on tools. Long story short...we were glad to have it.

By this time though, my darling daughter was awake and extremely anxious to get ready for school. However, we still had to find Ivan! He was asleep,or half way, on the couch. Crazy boy. So it was 5:30 with 2 kids awake. By 6, here comes a fully dressed Ethan, ready to head off to school. And I am praying for the power to come on, because I am tired of entertaining them without the tv, and am thinking it is going to be a long 2 hours until school.
One thing about having the power out, is that you can go outside and get back to school pictures. Snapped those and about that time the power was back on. Yeah! I got ready to go, fed them breakfast and we walked the kids up to school. Connor complained the whole way! The other two were fine though. I tried to tell him that the walk to the school was not as far as walking around legoland and he did that just fine!

The front of the school was packed, and each teacher had a sign, so the kids knew where to go. Harmony's teacher is a big guy, named Mr Kranz, who I have heard wonderful things about. He seemed really nice, and when we said that Harmony was shy...he told her not to worry, that he had been shy too. Ethan has Ms Gonzalez and she was very sweet. They are going to meet each other after school and walk home together. Then tomorrow they are on their own...well them and the dozens of kids that live here!

So today I am cleaning, organizing and possibly some scrapbooking. :) I love the first day back!

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Susan said...

Ahhh....don't you love back to school? I only wish it was 8-5 7 days a week. Ha ha...only kidding...sort of...