Thursday, August 16, 2007


Sweeeeeeeeeeeet!!! I did it. I broke the one lb. mark! I weighed in with a 2 lb. weight loss this week. I am ecstatic. OK, for absolutely no exercise, I have now lost 8 lbs. in a month. It sounds like it is taking a long time, but guess what people? I am thrilled! My whole Hannah-Montana-birthday-cake-fiasco did NOT do me in. So happy. So happy. My fridge looks totally empty, and I am not going grocery shopping until tomorrow. But I have to do errands, and as the kids are not in school yet...well that leaves me with taking them to the store. But it is worth it to have some healthy foods in the house.

School starts a week from Monday. So it is time for schedules! I love schedules. I love telling the kids, " no you can't stay up until 10 to watch a movie because it is a SCHOOL NIGHT! I need to get onto a better schedule.

Now that I am not staying up until midnight reading Harry Potter, I can actually get up earlier. Amazing concept I know! I truly miss exercise. I love running. I love the feel of your chest heaving after you have pushed yourself. My poor little treadmill is sitting in the corner, so lonely. Next week I am back. I want to get back into shape.

Random blatherings. Sorry. I am just sooo happy for my weight loss!

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Susan said...

Congratulations on your loss. That's awesome!! You're doing much better than I am, so thanks for the inspiration - I need it!