Thursday, March 06, 2008

to my loyal fans...

It has been such a long time since I have blogged. So to all my loyal fans out there, I am sorry. :) I have sooo not been feeling well. But as I am feeling somewhat better I thought I would share what has been going on with us...

We had a trip to the store to buy new shoes for a little boy who is growing so fast that all I want to do is slow time. One morning Connor could not find both of his crocs. So I had him put his tennis shoes on. Barely fit on his feet and honestly they probably hurt that day! So I went to K-Mart and found a pair of shoes on clearance for $9 and when I showed him, he said those were the ones he had always wanted. Sweet.

In an effort to get the kids more active, there have been a lot of visits to the park. Ivan loves going and screams when it is time to leave.

A lot of baseball has been played around here. The kids are really into it right now. Not sure what prompted all of it but it is cute to watch them. They are getting pretty good too!

Harmony has She caught a gecko that she has named Ruby. She is keeping it in a pickle jar. she absolutely loves this gecko and carries it around everywhere. She wants me to take her to a pet store so that she could buy gecko food for it. This morning she thought that it had got away and she was upset about it, however Ruby found her way back to Harmony.I would love to get Harmony a dog, she has been sooo cute with this gecko, but with our summer plans I don't think that is going to happen.

Speaking of our summer plans, we are going to have a busy summer. We had planned to leave at the end of May but it looks like more of the middle. Ben has a chance to go and do some humanitarian work in Vietnam, and so he is going to be gone the same time as we are. ( Thus there would be no one here to take care of a dog for 2 months). So Ben is keeping his status as world traveler and I am anxious to get home and do some shopping!!! :)

Let's see, what else? Scrapbooking, grocery shopping, walks, cleaning, going out to lunch, paying off all credit card debt!!!(whoo hoo!), watching a lot of Harry Potter( can't get enough), being sick, and so much more. I am glad I am feeling better as next week is Seabee ball and then Ben is gone until the end of the month (no fun!!). Our lives are way too busy, or should I say hectic?

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