Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Somewhere along the way, I decided that taking out the garbage is " a man's job." I mean come on, it's stinky, bulky, what if the bag is ripped and stuff drips out. Yuck. Maybe it is because ( forgive me if I am wrong) but I never really saw my Mom take the garbage out. My Dad always would. I don't recall ever being asked to take it out while I was brothers or Dad would. So maybe I am a product of my environment. :)

With Ben being gone, that means that unfortunatley the job falls to me. Or does it? That little Ethan, he got dressed very quickly this morning, and helped me empty all of the bedroom and bathroom garbages. Then he brought out all the flattened boxes for me too. Towards the end, Connor went out and helped him.

I was doing Harm's hair at the time ( more sexism, I don't make her take garbage out!)but I looked out at my boys and told Harm, " when you start dating, you need to date boys like your Dad and brothers. Ones who are gentleman and take care of their women."

She gave me that Harmony look and said, " I don't want to depend on boys. I don't want to be a princess." Now I always realized that she was independent but...

I explained to her that she and I are helping to train the boys. That their future wives will appreciate that they take the garbage out, clean up after themselves, open doors and carry girly church bags. I believe that how they treat their Mom and their sister will directly impact how they treat their wives.

I am not sure she was impressed with my answer, but I told her we need to give them opportunities to be gentleman and to let them know that we appreciate that. Personally I am getting so sick of sitcoms that portray men as idiots. So I want her to value and appreciate how important these guys are in our lives. I also told her that it doesn't mean she can't be a strong woman. And what does she say? " Thank heaven."

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