Friday, March 21, 2008

Expect the Unexpected

My kids, like most kids, get a little well...should we say greedy over the holidays? Like Christmas they have a whole list of ideas for what should be in their Easter baskets. I make a very non-commital nod or noise to let them know that I am listening but not necessarily saying yes.

This year, Easter has come at me so fast. I just find it hard to believe that it is already here. This week has flown by and I realized that I didn't really have things ready. With Ben being gone, I knew I would have to tweek things a little but...

The kids have been having a hard time with Ben being gone.Ethan is a major grump and is mad at me for a variety of different things. So unlike him. He is usually a huge Mama's boy but he has been hard to take. Harmony has been drama and she will fall down crying over any little thing. I think they just really miss him. But they keep asking me if he will be home for Easter. I say no he will be home the next Sunday. They just frown and are really unhappy.Upset that he will be missing it.

Yesterday after school they told me that they wanted to wait to have Easter until the next week so he could be there. Even their baskets could just wait. I was shocked to say the least. So today we are headed out to the Easter Egg Hunt, and than I have a baby shower to go too.

I am really glad that we are waiting. I think tomorrow we will really be able to focus on the real meaning of Easter and not on the Easter bunny.Plus I have an extra week and I am sure candy will be discounted!

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